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With our software tools you can analyze your today’s energy consumption patterns and review your energy production, if you already have a photovoltaic installation and metering data.

You will see, like the majority of users who shared their data with us, that there is potential to reduce the consumption from the grid by using more of one’s own energy.

In some cases, batteries can also help to shave peaks and reducing the electricity bill by a lower peak power tariff.

In the picture above you see the size of photovoltaic installations that we have analyzed. You can see there is a significant gap between 30 and 100 kWhs due to the regulations on photovoltaic subventions.

The break-even calculation for battery storage systems is almost impossible with today’s prices. With our proposed solution and the usage of end-of-life batteries from electric cars, our dataset showed more than 50% break-even below 10 years – which is the expected additional lifetime of such kind of battery system.

As the container and electric installations including the inverters can be reused afterwards, the business model could evolve into something like the one of Sodastream. That’s the origin of our slogan “the sodastream of energy”.

If you are interested to get a consultation about battery storage systems or how much you could save on your electricity costs, please contact us!