There are many ways how you can contribute to this project and we are thankful for every effort.

First: market research

We want to know more about, what you think, what you like, what you dislike, what you would love or what you want to understand.

Everyone is of help to fill out our user study.

If you have expert knowledge on the market, we have a special questionnaire prepared.

For the moment, we have received an overwhelming dataset to analyze. We have made our choices and prepare now our go-to-market strategy. In case you want to get a glimpse at the results, please write an e-mail directly to

The world needs dreamers and it needs doers, the business people of the world are doers…having the dreamers and doers working together will do the job. (Danish Minister for Finance Kristian Jensen)

Second: share the news

Since we do not want to spend money in marketing campaigns, we need your contribution to share the news about AC21! The more people know about this technology, the more likely it will have an impact on our common goal: a sustainable future

Be a global citizen. Act with passion and compassion. Help us make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us. That is our moral responsibility. (UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon)

Third: invest

The purpose of this business plan exercise is to attract investors to finance and launch this clean-energy venture. If you believe in us, we let you participate in the financial success of the company.

Donations can be given to us through

Firstly, don’t focus all the attention on new initiatives at the expense of huge efficiency gains in existing areas of activity. Secondly, technology and innovation will continue to disrupt this strategic map so embrace them, don’t reject them. Thirdly, Don’t strive for perfection at the expense of progress. (Nick Chism, KPMG)